Concert organist creates intimate experience in grand space during holiday sing-

"Zelek was physically animated throughout the performance. His hands flew across three levels of keyboards while his feet worked the pedalboard like somebody playing Dance Dance Revolution in an arcade."


Howard Hardee, Wisconsin State Journal
Beautiful music at St. Mary’s, Hamilton Village

"Zelek, a consummate artist...has the ability to make the 2-manual Aeolian-Skinner Opus 963 organ, installed in 1937, overcome both its venerability and vulnerability in a beautiful performance of carefully selected music."

Margaret Darby, Phindie
The Madison Symphony Orchestra opens its new season with a strong and memorable

"The virtuosic Zelek is simply so good that he managed to turn a second-rate piece by Samuel Barber into a first-rate crowd-pleaser that brought huge applause and a long standing ovation, then an encore and another standing ovation."

Jacob Stockinger, Well-Tempered Ear
Madison Symphony Opener Evokes a Memory

"Zelek, not surprisingly was the master of all required of him, including an extended section for just the pedals."

Greg Hettmansberger, WhatGregSays
Madison Symphony Orchestra gets off to spectacular start

"...Greg Zelek, the symphony's organist, playing the Overture Concert Organ and he figuratively blew the place apart . . . He's good. He's really, really good."


Bill Wineke, Channel3000
Madison Symphony gets off to a strong start with 'Love, Lust and Redemption'

"When it is played as well as Greg Zelek in the MSO’s second number of the night, “Toccata Festiva for Organ and Orchestra” by Samuel Barber, it proves just as aurally stunning as it is visually."

Matt Ambrosio, The Cap Times
Teenage vision became Madison’s gain

“...the MSO has a new musical star, organist Greg Zelek, 26, who performs in shirt sleeves, shares family stories with his audience and seems to delight in mingling with patrons during intermissions. His last concert sold out the Overture Center on a Tuesday night.”

Bill Wineke, Channel3000
Madison’s classical music scene keeps getting better

"There are nights that make me happy I am a Madisonian. One of them was Friday night’s Madison Symphony Orchestra Concert at the Overture Center. The other was Tuesday’s Overture Concert Organ performance featuring organist Greg Zelek and cellist Thomas Mesa, two Juilliard buddies who put on the most enjoyable concert I have ever encountered."

Bill Wineke, Channel3000
A Young Organist Plays A Madison Gem

"At age 26, Zelek is quite extraordinary in the classical music world."


Jon Hornbacher, PBS Wisconsin
Greg Zelek in Recital: Volcanic, Organic, Romantic (and downright funny!)

“At this rate, Zelek might have a dual career at the comedy clubs on State Street when he isn’t commanding the Mighty Klais. “

Greg Hettmansberger, WhatGregSays
Organ virtuoso

"Seeing and hearing Zelek in action helps explain why praise follows the organist everywhere."

Sandy Tabachnick, Isthmus
Poulenc’s powerhouse Organ Concerto highlights Miami Symphony program

"Zelek also provided a substantial solo encore in Hommage to Stravinsky by the contemporary Lebanese composer Naki Hakim. As an impressive jumble of technical legerdemain, jazzy rhythms, and chordal climaxes, it brought the house down."

Alan Becker, South Florida Classical Review
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