"Obviously, Greg has the musical gene!"
Katherine Crosier, AGO Hawaii
"Zelek is a performer who truly becomes 'one with the organ' during his performances. Even when the recital was finished, the audience demanded more."
The American Organist
"Gregory Zelek’s commentaries between the pieces were humorous (entertaining to catch the listener) and educational. Many of his comments are now permanently stuck in my head, and I can’t get them out."
The Desert Wind
"Effortless facility on the instrument."
South Florida Classical Review
"Organist Greg Zelek, young and handsome, never needed the aide of any sheet music."
The Ridgewood News, New Jersey
"Especially impressive was how he managed to so effectively hold together and 'sell' the extensive and complex Reubke Sonata on the 94th Psalm."
Paul S. Hesselink, Southern Nevada AGO Chair
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